A Typical Homeschool Day

typical homeschool dayAre you considering homeschooling or looking for some ideas of how to structure a homeschool day? Here's a typical day in my family.

A Typical Day in My Homeschool Family

Before breakfast the children wake up, dress, and make their beds. I prefer to have morning chores done while I make breakfast. We don't do weekly chores at this time. We just tidy up from the night.

During breakfast, the kids and I sit down and discuss the day. It's also a handy time to review memory work.

After breakfast we tidy the kitchen and sit down to work on our skill subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. I spend about 30 minutes tutoring each child. I've found our homeschool works best when I give each child some individual attention during the morning.

It's time for lunch and read-alouds. I enjoy reading to the children as they eat. They're quietly occupied.

After lunch it's quiet time. The high school kids are able to finish any studying they have left from the morning, the younger children curl up with books or toys, and babies are able to take a nap. It's also gives me a chance to relax and enjoy a few minutes to myself.

realxed homeschool atmosphere

Afternoons vary. Some days we take off for field trips, nature hikes, or homeschool park days. These are fun activities that give us a chance to meet with other homeschooling families. Other afternoons we work on history or science as a family. It's a great time for science experiments, history projects, and artwork.

Shortly before dinner we tidy up the house. The preschoolers make certain their toys are picked up while the older children do a quick run through the house. I aim for 10 minutes of tidying before allowing the preschoolers to watch a TV show while I prepare dinner.

During dinner, we sit down as a family and discuss the day. It's also a chance for the children to discuss their schoolwork and activities with their father. With 6 children at the table, dinner times can get a bit noisy!

After dinner we tidy the kitchen and chores get done. As a family working together, it never takes us very long to put the house in order. The preschoolers head to bed, the older children enjoy personal hobbies, and the family relaxes.

The goal of my typical homeschool day is an atmosphere of relaxed learning.

In a relaxed homeschool, afternoons are perfect for nature hikes and field trips.

5 Great Books for Children

5 great books for children your kids will love.I don't know about you, but my kids and I are always on the lookout for more wonderful books for children. The preschoolers love being read to, but they don't sit to listen to just any book. They want a great book.

Here's a list of five favorite books for children my own kids adore.

5 Great books for Children

1. The Story about Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese is the story of a duck living on a riverboat on the Yangtse River. It's not only a beloved story to read with your children, but it gives a glimpse into riverboat life on the Yangtse River. My own children loved it so much, my older children recently checked it out just to share with their younger siblings.

2. Fancy Nancy and the Wedding of the Century by Jane O'Conner is about a little girl who loves being fancy. She wears fancy clothing and loves the fancy lifestyle. In this book she finds herself attending her uncle's wedding and dealing with the fact that while dreams and reality don't match, non-fancy weddings can be just as much fun as fancy ones.

Preschoolers want great books for children

3. Dino Pets Go to School by Lynn Plourde is a lively book about the problems you have when you take dinosaur pets to school for pet day. There are a few issues that arise with dinosaurs at school.

4. Birdie's Big-Girl Dress by Sujean Rim is a fun book about a little girl who outgrows her party dress on the eve of her 5th birthday. While she and her mommy go shopping but no dress is just right. What is a little girl to do?

5. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague gives a lively discussion on how children should go to bed at night. My children enjoy hearing this story at night.

These are fabulous books for children, and I hope you and your children enjoy these books as much as my children and I have.

What are your favorite books for children?

These are fabulous books for children to read